Half a wife

Half a Wife – The Working Family’s Guide to Getting a Life Back

by Gaby Hinsliff
No. of pages: 263
Publisher: Vintage Books
ISBN: 9780099555742

BoardroomMum Verdict

This is an excellent, intelligent and well-written account of how many mums feel as they grapple with the many demands placed on them as well as facing choices that those demands are driving. The recognition that roles have changed is sensitively handled, but for many that transition can be extremely difficult. The clear message for me from this book is that whilst the working environment around us must change (and change quicker than perhaps it is) we also need to take charge of our own destiny and enact change where we can. This book makes it onto my list of ‘Books To Read As A New Mum’

I wish that I had found this book whilst on maternity leave.

Written by journalist Gaby Hinsliff this is an honest, sensible account about how many women feel once they have a baby. Feelings and emotions that are impossible to imagine until your baby has arrived. Wrestling with choices that suddenly lay before you both in your family and professional life. Feeling as though you are in the middle of some kind of conflict as you see your roles – career woman, wife etc. change and lets not mention the guilt word.

Hinsliff talks about her own experiences (of starting again professionally) but also intelligently includes stories and experiences from other mums. She also examines the wider environment of what it is to have a career alongside being a mum that makes this book extremely relevant and an intelligent read. This book does not tell you how to feel but instead I felt as though I identified and connected with what was being written consistently throughout.

The book has been updated since first being published and examines in depth the workplace and puts forward ideas on how it needs to change. Whether it be through political means or at individual corporate level. Her arguments are well backed up by research, statistics and examples.