Little Miss Geek Final

Little Miss Geek – Bridging The Gap Between Girls And Technology

by Belinda Parmar
No. of pages: 174
Publisher: Lady Geek
ISBN: 978-0-9573898-0-9

BoardroomMum Verdict

This book is written by Belinda Parmar, the founder & CEO of Lady Geek, a campaigning agency that makes technology and games more accessible to women and girls.

Having read so much in the media about the lack of women in certain industry sectors, when I discovered this book I was determined to read and review it.

With a Foreward from Martha Lane Fox this book means business and does not disappoint. Chapter by chapter, Belinda Parmar covers all angles on what we (parents, teachers, employers) can do to improve female participation in technology careers and why we should. In fact, we should start early by looking at the toys we give girls to play with to develop their skills and minds, and go from there.

Considering how we all use technology in our daily lives I was rather shocked at the low statistics of female participation in technology at all levels from school, university and ultimately careers in the sector. Also, the perception of technology by girls when asked in the book was startling and does need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

The graphics are excellent in the book and deliver their message. I particularly like the myth and fact pages as well as the ones with key quotations pulled out and enlarged.

Even though I do not have a daughter I have nieces and friends with daughters and I will certainly be recommending they read this. Also we need to get this message out to everyone from nurseries and schools to parents and carers. Also organisational cultures and boards need to change as more women buy and use technology. I particularly like the Lady Geek Manifesto on what companies can do to improve.

As a nation we are looking to innovation to kick start our economy and improve our employment rates. I am sure there will be job types and career choices available in the future that do not exist today. Growth will probably come from some kind of technology whether it be hardware/software, medical or even alterative energy. Perhaps even a different technology. We therefore need to equip our children with the skills of tomorrow and that means girls as well as boys.


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