mothers work

Mothers Work

by Jessica Chivers
No. of pages: 280
Publisher: Hay House
ISBN: 9781848503199

BoardroomMum Verdict

This book is a must read for those mums seeking a return to work. As well as the very clear Mum’s Mantras there are also some useful resources in the appendices. It is a book that should be given by employers to their employees about to embark on a period of maternity leave.

‘How To Get A Grip On Guilt And Make A Smooth Return To Work.’ The key messages in this book could not be clearer.

The author’s 8 Mum’s Mantras make perfect sense and cover in excellent but enough detail the main areas that a mum needs to consider when seeking a return to work.

Jessica’s psychology background and her experience of coaching women to achieve their professional and personal ambitions is evident throughout.

This book is written with honesty and directly but also with a supportive tone. It is also interspersed with quotes and relevant true stories (I rather like the use of different fonts to break up the text) as well as really useful key ideas, action points and exercises.