Spinning Plates

by Penny Clayton & Wendy Reus
No. of pages: 417
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 978-0-9569440-0-9

BoardroomMum Verdict

On the whole this book was easy and quick to read and digest, with many useful tips and advice. There are several personal stories throughout which are also helpful. There are also some very useful resources available in the appendices. Overall, a good book to have in the parenting library.

Spinning Plates by authors Penny Clayton and Wendy Reus highlights the many practicalities that parenting involves whether you are a working mum or not.

Between them the authors have many years’ experience in education and business as well as bringing up 5 children. This is very much a book written from experience and from the demanding coalface of parenting.

Chapters are set up very simply and range from issues around work to finding the right childcare, to building children’s self esteem and independence to some recipes and other resources in the appendices that that can give a parent a helping, time saving hand. The authors are not afraid to tackle many areas.

Set out very directly, at times stating the obvious (sometimes the obvious needs to be stated especially when very busy) the book can be dipped in and out of at particular times and stages as a source of reference. There are also several relevant personal stories throughout the book to help illustrate the points being , as well as giving the reader a sense of the authors and others saying ‘it’s ok we have already been there and have felt as you do.’