Wild Running UK low res

Wild Running

by Jen & Sim Benson
No. of pages: 272
Publisher: Wild Things Publishing
ISBN: 9780957157361

BoardroomMum Verdict

For those who are keen runners this is a really useful guidebook. For those who are not runners or maybe considering starting, the book is a great companion to explore the UK a little more off the beaten track.

Written by husband and wife runners Jen and Sim Benson, Wild Running is the UK’s first guidebook for runners who wish to explore more interesting terrain. The authors, who have run several marathons as well as other distances, are well qualified to produce such a book. For those in any doubt of what wild running is, will find definitions on the inside title pages.

The introduction opens with how to get started, building up fitness and technique and how to stay safe. The authors have divided the UK into sections, with an introduction for each which is informative and interesting. The photography is beautiful and effective in attracting you to those locations. The authors have included 150 runs in this book, from easy to challenging. In fact there is something here for everyone. There are also useful reference lists at the front of the book e.g. best runs for families, beginners etc, with maps located in the back.