Research Examines Theme Of Women In Leadership

Research from Flamingo (part of the Omnicom Group) has examined the theme of women in leadership across the Group.

The research has been carried out to coincide with Omnicom’s Omniwomen day on 8th March, which aims to increase the influence and number of women leaders throughout the Omnicom network.

The research explored how becoming a parent could be, and should be, readdressed so that it could catalyse a woman’s career.

Ideas that came out of the research include:

  • Letting women who are Mums share their stories with younger women who are preparing for motherhood
  • Encouraging employers to allow flexibility during the early years but think of the long game if possible
  • Presenting parenthood as a strength
  • Acknowledging positive working styles that parents can bring to an organisation

The research also revealed:

  • Women are getting vertigo half way up the ladder
  • Women asking for an environment where they can be comfortable feeling uncomfortable



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