Review: Puss in Boots – Polka Theatre, Wimbledon

We took our recently-turned 6 year old to Puss in Boots yesterday at the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon.

This one-man production performed by Patrick Lynch (C-Beebies), presented by Lyngo Theatre and written by Marcello Chiarenza is children’s theatre and the Polka at its best.

The classic tale was simply but very effectively staged and kept the audience (this performance was for all ages) entertained.  In fact there were times that the young audience participated in response to what they were watching which was most satisfying. The music was also excellently arranged, creating the atmosphere and encouraged the imagination..

Patrick Lynch moves from character to character effortlessly and convincingly and does not falter during the 50 minute duration of the play.  A star performance and a performer truly engaged with his young audience.

From explanation to how wheat becomes flour, very warm overall and funny at times this is a script delivering on many levels to both young and old.

The play runs until 28 June 2015 and is well worth a visit.

Rating: 5 stars

Ages 4-8

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