Being A Career BoardroomMum

As more and more of us are having our children later in life, this inevitably means that our lives are more established. The investment we have made in our careers, which has probably only recently started paying dividends, means that we are more likely to be in senior job roles. Therefore, the addition of a baby alongside a busy challenging career can prove really daunting even for the most professional of professional. Also, the feeling that you may have to sacrifice what you have worked so hard for may be difficult to contemplate.

Even for younger mums who may not be in such senior career positions, having a family should not mean the end to your career aspirations if that is the way you want your life to be.

How you will make your roles of mum and career woman (and each of their respective challenges) work alongside each other is by no means a simple task and will inevitably require qualities that you feel you do not have, or may seem impossible right now. How you make this work will be entirely up to you, unique to you and your situation.