We often hear ‘it is not what you know it who is who you know.’ To a certain extent that is true but by no means completely.

What you know is extremely important as well but it is how you interact with your contacts that makes the difference.

There will be an abundance of networking events to attend – by industry sector, age, gender to name but a few. Making sure you pick the relevant ones and the most useful ones to you is crucial. Many charge a membership so try before you buy if possible.

You must also not forget to use social networking. Extremely useful for those of us who are time poor. It is also effective if used correctly to raise your profile. It is indeed a very powerful and efficient tool but does not replace face to face contact and should be used as a networking tool in the wider suite of tools.

Taking time to produce your profile for Linked-in, twitter and facebook (to name just a few) as well as providing regular updates is key.