Return to Work

You may be on maternity leave or have been out of the working world to raise your family.

Whatever the situation, returning to work is a huge step.

If you are on maternity leave you will have various issues to resolve beyond looking after your baby. The issue of childcare, deciding whether you will request flexible working on your return or even the question of whether you will return at all?


There are many options here and time needs to be taken to find out which one works for you. Will you select nursery, nanny (including nanny share) or child-minder or a combination or other solutions? Also you need to start organising this as soon as possible so you have working arrangements in place for your return to work

Return to Work Interview

Time needs to be taken here as to what you can afford and what you would like to do. Prepare for your return to work interview as you would prepare for a new job interview.

For those returning to work after a longer career break your industry will have moved on. Even the job application process has moved on with opportunities searchable on-line or via social networking.

You may be interested in retraining or you may see volunteering as a smoother way back into the working world.