Being A Corporate BoardroomMum

Welcome to Corporate BoardroomMum. Whether you are a HR professional or a business leader this area of is designed to help you identify creative and innovative solutions to attract, widen and retain female talent within your organisation.

It is clear that the pool of experienced and talented women is contracting as women try to balance careers with family life. Many companies struggle with trying to retain employees during or at the end of maternity leave, or soon after their female employee has returned to work.

So why should management of organisations concern themselves with retaining women in their workforce? The business case is quite clear.

We are seeing a change in demographics where women for a variety of reasons are increasingly having their children later in life. This means that careers are often well established, and the roles of these women are in are senior or business critical.

The cost to your organisation is not just the cost of replacement by hiring a new person, but also the cost of the lost expertise, contacts and client relationships. Also an opportunity for positive PR as well as positive rating in employment surveys will be missed.

Following Lord Davies of Abersoch’s report on Women in the Boardroom, it is possible that we may see quotas in the future, and/or investors and customers requesting information on your organisation’s diversity policy. Your organisation will therefore need to demonstrate its commitment to developing its female talent.